Weekly Homework

2nd Grade
homework for the week of 2/11/2019

spelling words: night kind spy child light find right high wild July fry sigh by why when didn't religion words: Bible Monday, 2/11 spelling-- words 3x each math --lesson 7.3 **IXL online 15 minutes-- pick any area in math for review. This must be completed by Friday, 2/15** reading--see Biography book report due 2/25/19. Biography should be on child's level. Research and begin to read book(I have biography classroom books if needed-- please let me know and your child can pick a book from our classroom.) Reports will count for a Social studies grade(content) and ELA grade(spelling, vocabulary,sentence structure.) Tuesday, 2/12 spelling first half of words in sentences Math -- "lesson 7.4 reading--continue biography for report Wednesday, 2/13 spelling remainder of words in sentences including religion word! math lesson 7.5 reading--continue biography for report Thursday, 2/14

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Friday, 2/15 spelling test math test on money (chapter 7 thus far) and subtraction with 2 digit numbers and regrouping reading--continue reading for biography report due 2/25/19 ** no book log this month. Please read and re-read biography so that children are comfortable with the person they have chosen to complete a report on. **