Weekly Homework

2nd Grade Homework week of October 15thImage result for fall leaves clip art

weekly sight words:   four--- for

spelling words:
spin    clap    grade    swim    place    last    test    skin    drag    glide 
 just    stage    slip    drive

religion word: Divine

Monday, October 15th
Math --expanded form ditto
spelling-- words 3x each
social studies-- write name & address as it would appear on an envelope-- test on Thursday
Mary Smith
123 Main Street
Anytown, New York 11770
**read 15 minutes every night and log on October book log(**can be found in the back of the OWL book)

Tuesday, October 16th
math-- chapter 3-- game(keep at home), review vocabulary words, complete "write way"
spelling-- spelling words in ABC order

Wednesday, October 17th
** please wear winter uniform to school and bring sneakers for gym**
math- chapter 3.1
spelling--first 7 words in sentences
Social Studies--review name and address as it would appear on an envelope

Thursday, October 18th
math- lesson 3.2
spelling - remaining words in sentences- study for spelling test
reading-- re-read weekly story for test-- Teacher's Pet

Friday, October 19th
enjoy the weekend!