Weekly Homework

Homework for the week of March 27, 2017

Spelling words: (words with -er)
father    over     under    herd    water    paper     verb     cracker     offer     cover     germ     master    fern    ever  

vocabulary words: 
webbed     waterproof     steer     whistle     otherwise     junior     slippery     finally

spelling words 3x each--test on Friday
math--review--chapter 9 test on Tuesday
ELA- reading comprehension sheet - **due Thursday** (Log as reading)

Spelling words in sentences
Math~computation ditto
ELA- reading comprehension ditto due Thursday(Log as Reading)

Vocabulary words in sentences 
math ~10.1
ELA- reading comprehension ditto due Thursday (log as reading)
Journeys workbook pages #95 & #96

Spelling and vocabulary test on Friday--study
Math- 10.2
Re-read weekly story- Penguin Chick- for spelling,vocabulary and writing test on Friday
**Students will be asked to respond to question about how they can protect endangered penguins)

Friday--enjoy your weekend!