Weekly Homework

Second Grade Homework week of 10/16/17

The students will finish taking the IOWA tests this week. Please make sure that your child arrives to school on time having had a full breakfast. Thank you!

**Reading of 45 minutes is required each week. Please sign the reading log at the back of your child's OWL folder once completed**

Spelling words: consonant blends with r, l, s
spin    clap    grade    swim    place    last    test    skin   drag   glide    just    stage    slip    drive   

Monday, 10/16 **Individual pictures today-- DRESS UP!**
Spelling 3x each
math - ditto on base ten
Social Studies-- practice name and address as it would appear on an envelope--test on Wednesday
- Identify continents on a map quiz on Thursday-- see notebook

Tuesday, 10/17** class pictures today. Complete uniform please**
spelling--write words 1-7 in sentences in OWL book 
math-- lesson 2.7

Wednesday, 10/18
spelling-- words 8-14 in sentences. 
math-- lesson 2.8

Thursday, 10/19
spelling--study for spelling test.
reading--re-read story for test on Friday-- Teacher's Pets-- comprehension only
math-- lesson 2.9
Social Studies-- quiz on name and address as it would appear on an envelope 

*October is Fire Prevention month! Review your home fire prevention plan with your child. Replace the battery in your smoke detectors!

No homework for the weekend!