Weekly Homework

Second Grade Homework week of 4/23/18

spelling words:
meet    meat    week    weak    tail    tale    be    bee
two    too    mane    main     sea    see
religion words:  Grace and Chalice

Monday 4/23/18
spelling- words 3x each
Math lesson 9.4
review for religion test tomorrow

Tuesday 4/24/18
spelling-- words in sentences or story
math lesson 9.5
science test unit 4 tomorrow

Wednesday, 4/25/18
spelling workbook page #104-105
math lesson 9.6

Thursday, 4/26/18
spelling-- study for spelling & reading test
reread Gloria Who Might Be My Best Friend
math lesson 9.7

Friday, 4/27/18 
have a great weekend!

Upcoming dates for your calendar....

Tuesday, 4/24-- Communion word test
Wednesday, 4/25-- Science Unit 4 test
Monday, 4/30-- Communion practice at 3pm. **A parent MUST attend practice with the student**
Wednesday, 5/16- May Crowning and Communion Brunch. All parents are invited! Students may wear their Communion outfits to school or dress UP. Dismissal immediate after brunch for second grade ONLY!