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First Grade Homework

January 14-18

This week we will learn all about an important decoding and spelling strategy- silent e.
We will go on a hunt for silent e words, solve puzzles and incorporate silent e in our lessons.  
Our class will learn all about the life and legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King.  We will continue counting patterns in math and hear a new bible story in our religion lessons.


Sight Words:  two, into, three, starts, over, four, five, watch

Spelling Words: came, make, brave, late, gave, shape

Challenge Words: skates, grape

Spelling- Write your words 3x each

Math- Lesson 6.4


Spelling- Put the first half of your spelling words in sentences.  As an extra challenge add a verb to one of your sentences that tell about the past. (ex- looked, started, filled, jumped, picked)

Math- Lesson 6.5


Spelling- Put the first second half of your spelling words in sentences.  

Math- Lesson 6.6

Study for your quiz on Dr. Martin Luther King


Spelling- Study for your test

Reading- Re-read The Race for your comprehension test