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Weekly Homework           February 12-16

We have a fun-filled week of learning ahead with a new focus each day!  We have completed our third book in our reading series.  This week we will spend some time reading about all the exciting things we are learning about and take time in ensure that we are building our sight word vocabulary.


Reading- Practice reading the short passage about The Winter Olympics.
Review your sight words in your Bee Notebook for our screening on Friday.
Math- Lesson 6.7


Reading- Practice Reading the Valentine Poem in your Bee Notebook
Review your sight words
Math- Lesson 6.8

We will attend mass tomorrow, please wear full uniform


Reading- Re-read the story, Two Great Presidents, in your bee folder and review your Social Studies Weekly  for your quiz tomorrow
Please find the Lenten Calendar in your child's Bee Folder
Review your sight words
Math- Lesson 6.9


Study for your spelling Sight Word Screening
Re-read the story in your Bee Folder about Chinese New Year!

Math-‚ÄčLesson 6.10