Mrs. O'Brien

      Mrs. O'Brien and Mrs. Yohe


"We need to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished and protected."
                                                                                              Pope Francis

A developmentally appropriate kindergarten is like a good home, where children can learn through playing, watching, listening, acting, reading, or pretend reading, and writing, or pretend writing.  It is a place where they can explore their environment, ask questions, and answer questions. It is a place where the teacher is like a parent: reading to the children and talking to them about stories they read: writing for the children, and allowing them to write for different purposes. It is a place where children clean up after themselves, learn more about familiar and unfamiliar topics (usually called themes), and learn more about what interests them most-themselves! Most importantly, it is a place where children learn that reading provides both enjoyment and information, and they develop the desire to read. 

On September 4th at 10 AM we will have our Kindergarten Orientation.  Your child will be dropped off at our room, then we will go to the computer lab to discuss procedures and I will answer ALL of your questions.  Have a wonderful summer making memories with your family.  I look forward to seeing you all in September.  



Each week the children will have one period of art, music, Spanish, and computer and two gym periods. 

I will post the schedule of specials once the school year begins so you will know the two days to dress your child in his/her gym uniform.