Mrs. O'Brien

      Mrs. O'Brien and Mrs. Yohe


"We need to see each child as a gift to be welcomed, cherished and protected."
                                                                                              Pope Francis

A developmentally appropriate kindergarten is like a good home, where children can learn through playing, cooking, watching, listening, acting, reading, or pretend reading, and writing, or pretend writing.  It is a place where they can explore their environment, ask questions, and answer questions. It is a place where the teacher is like a parent: reading to the children and talking to them about stories they read: writing for the children, and allowing them to write for different purposes. It is a place where children clean up after themselves, learn more about familiar and unfamiliar topics (usually called themes), and learn more about what interests them most-themselves! Most importantly, it is a place where children learn that reading provides both enjoyment and information, and they develop the desire to read.  


Monday- Gym and Technology
Tuesday- Stem Room
Wednesday- Spanish
Thursday- Gym
Friday- Music and Art