About Mrs. Pratt

I am so excited to be with your child this year on their 4th grade journey. It’s a wonderful year filled with curiosity, discovery and exploration. 


My family moved here four years ago from California. I hold dual Teaching Credentials in California (K-12) and New York (Birth-6), as well as a Master’s degree in Curriculum and Instruction with an emphasis in Digital Technology in the Classroom. I am a strong believer in hands on, exploratory learning. That’s the best (and most fun!) way to learn about the world around you.  You will often find us outside working in nature or sitting all around the room, anywhere but at a desk!


I have been with my husband since high school, and we have three awesome children: Andrew, a sophomore in college at RIT, Molly, a freshman at University of Arizona, and Julia, a sophomore in high school. Spending time with family is so important, which is why your child won’t have a crazy amount of homework. We work hard all day, and I believe in playing and relaxing (with a little bit of making connections to our daily work :)


I am also a big believer in communicating.  I check email consistently and will respond to you in a timely manner. Please don’t hesitate to let me know anything you think will help me to help your child. If you hear something that doesn’t seem right or you have a question about something, PLEASE let me know! I can’t fix things I don’t know about! Sometimes just a quick check in is all it takes.


I’m looking forward to a wonderful year with my Fabulous 4th graders! Thank you in advance for your support in making their year a successful one!


Mrs. Pratt