7th Grade Religion

Mrs. Arlene Lofgren

7th Grade Religion begins with an exploration into who God is.  As students begin the year learning about Divine Revelation throughout salvation history, they will come to a better understanding of the nature of the three persons of the Trinity.  From there students will learn about how they are invited to live out their faith through participation in the Church.  Students will then learn about topics in morality that will foster their formation of conscience, advocacy of life issues, and cultivation of virtues. The year will conclude with a close look at the Sacraments and a call to act with justice as they continue their journey as members of the Kingdom of God.

In addition, 7th Grade will learn about the structure and function of the family through the Family Life book in the spring.  Content will follow the liturgical year always, as students learn about various Church seasons, holy days, and celebrations.

Only so much faith can be learned from a book. For the message of religion class to extend and transform your child’s life, students will be challenged throughout the year to participate in service projects, attend Mass, receive the Sacraments, and practice different forms of prayer both in and out of the classroom.

Ask your parents about a prayer space at home