In our ever-changing world of modern technology, St. Edward School offers its students an opportunity to grow in the knowledge of their responsibility to interdependence upon the world around them. Skills in critical reading, discussion, logical thinking, experimentation, record keeping and manipulation of scientific materials, research and observation will enable the student to attain this aim in his or her life. Evaluation will be through teacher observation, testing, assigned research projects and experimentation and homework.


At the end of eight years of study, the student will: 

  • Be comfortable in using commercial software, Smart Board Technology

  • Understand science and nature in today’s world with all its problems and respond verbally or in written form in a Christian and human manner.

  • Understand that whatever they misuse, abuse or destroy affects not only themselves but the whole of humankind and future existence and that there are both positive and negative aspects of all chemicals, drugs and alcohol substances.

  • Promote future growth in a modern technological world, with a Christian value system because of their understanding of the world and their religion.

  • Incorporate the skills of research, logical thinking, observation, experimentation, decision making, record keeping and manipulation of scientific materials into their daily lives.

  • Fulfill their destiny in a unique way, seeing and feeling God’s presence in the beauty of nature and humanity in order to be a complete human being.

  • Complete the requirement set by the New York State Science Exam; performance and written in grade 4 and grade 8.


Living Things ~ The Earth & Its Composition ~ Our Growing Bodies ~ The Solar System & Beyond ~ Air, Water & Weather ~ Matter & Energy Substance 

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