Hello My Name Is...

Mrs. Nicole Wozny

Artist Painting.png

Mrs. Nicole Wozny will be starting her first year teaching art at St. Edwards Confessor school.

Nicole graduated LIU Post getting both her Bachelors  in Art Education, and Masters in Art.

Although it is her first year at our school she is highly experienced, and a certified Art Teacher kindergarten through twelfth grade.

For eight years she was a tenured Lead Art Teacher in Island Trees Central School District. Throughout her tenure she taught art at J. Fred Sparke Elementary School, also alternating classes at the Middle School, and High School levels.

Incorporating technology into the classroom, fostering positive energy, developing and teaching lessons with Common Core, and the N.Y.S. standards is something she excels at.

The following provides you with an overview of the art topics, and materials that are covered in art.


  • Drawing

  • Crayon

  • Oil pastel

  • Chalk

  • Marker

  • Paint

  • Tempera

  • Watercolor

  • Ink

  • Stamping

  • Printing

Techniques and Topics:

  • Art History

  • Painting

  • Mixing Colors

  • Primary and Secondary Colors

  • Color theory

  • Collage

  • Cutting  and Tearing

  • Gluing

  • 3-D Art

  • Literature

  • Interdisciplinary Curriculum Topics