4th Grade Handbook


Homework is necessary for practicing skills that have been learned, and for enriching the classroom experience. That said, I don’t believe in overloading students with busywork! All homework that students are assigned will be meaningful and will make connections to concepts studied in class.   Homework is also posted on the class webpage.  Please check the online calendar as there is often more detail there.  Because there is a reasonable amount of homework, my expectation is that each student’s best work is turned in on time; if this isn’t possible, please send me a note or email with the reason why it was not done. (Please note that sports practices and games are not an acceptable excuse for not doing homework.) Help your child become independent by supervising as they pack their backpacks at night with all the materials needed for the next day. Organization is the key to success!



Regular school attendance is critical to the learning process. Our school day officially starts at 8:30 a.m.  When your child is tardy, he or she misses valuable instructional time.  The school opens at 8:15. Students should be in their seats by 8:25, allowing them time to unpack and prepare for the day. Please note: The handbook states that a student loses their recess after 5 tardies.  Please help your child to be here on time! (Late buses do not count as a tardy)

Just as it’s important to start the day on time, it’s also disruptive when a student needs to leave early. We have instructional time right up to the end of the day, and things like science labs are difficult to make up. Whenever possible, please schedule appointments for after 3 pm, or on the many days we have no school.

Please note: I check email several times throughout the day during lunch and preps; please send an email when there is anything I need to know: ie. absence, tardy, your child leaving early, etc.

School Supplies and Materials

The 4th grade supply list is posted on our class page.  These items are to be replenished as needed.

Mid-morning Snacks & Water Bottles

We take time each morning for a snack.  Please send something to give your child brain power! Granola bars, fruit, nuts, crackers and cheese, yogurt and the like are perfect.  Please do not send in unhealthy treats such as cake, chips, brownies, cookies, or cupcakes. These types of items will be put away until lunch. 


Students may bring a reusable water bottle to school to keep on their desks during the day and to use at recess. Plain water is the only beverage permitted, and the bottle must have a secure lid.  If your child doesn’t have a reusable bottle, they may use the water fountain outside the classroom.



There is a lot of information in this packet, but the key is communication! If we stay in touch, we will be able to fix issues as they come up when they’re usually still easy to remedy.  I look forward to partnering with you in your child’s education! Thank you for entrusting them to me every day; I will do my best to nurture them and guide them
as they grow on their 4th grade journey!  Please do not hesitate to email me with questions, clarifications, or anything you think I need to know to help your child be the best he or she can be!