January Curriculum
January Curriculum

1. Students will use their senses to explore seasonal changes and God's winter wonders

2. Students will learn to deepen their understanding of Math concepts through number recognition, writing numbers, counting and solving simple addition equations

3. Students will identify and repeat letter and sound recognition 
(Letters I, J, K)

 4. Students will learn to retell and respond to informational and fictitious text, recite winter based poetry and sing winter songs

5. A nature study will be conducted throughout the month of January

6. Students will learn more about celebrating God's creations, respecting animal life and giving thanks for all we have to keep us warm during this cold month

7. Students will develop and increase their gross motor skills (Cutting, Gluing, Painting and Beading)

8. Students will incorporate gross motor movements when they dance to winter songs.

9. Students will learn to identify the color white. Please have your child wear white on January ... 

10. Students will learn to identify the color blue.

11. Students will celebrate the new year