Tree Sale Instructions

Christmas Tree Sale Instructions

Thank you for helping out with our Christmas Tree Sale.

A few practical points:

1) LIGHTS: If you are working at night, please turn on the lights:

Turn on the generators and leave them running for approx. 3-5 min, THEN switch on the lights.  Start with generator closest to the Jackson Ave.

a.       Lift cover closest to Jackson.  Turn the key counterclockwise and hold until indicator light goes OFF (about 5-10 seconds).  Then turn key to the Start position and hold for about 3-5 seconds and release.  The engine should start.  If it doesn’t go on, try again.  Close lid. 

b.       The other light is similar but the directions are not printed on the machine.  Turn the key counterclockwise until the indicator light goes ON.  Then turn key to the Start position…

c.       When you’re leaving: 1) switch off the lights, 2) LEAVE the generators running for 2-3 minutes.

d.       THEN turn the off the generators (key to 12 o’clock).  4) Close lid.


2) CASH BOX: If no arrangements have been made, please contact Luisa Ondocin (917)647-4617. 

DO NOT leave the cash box in the gym unless you have been asked to do so.

3) OTHER “TOOLS”BINDER, ELECTRIC SAW, ORANGE BUCKET OF ROPE, SCISSORS, KNIFE: please return to the “tree sale office” inside the gym, to the left of the stage.  Do not take electric saw apart – leave it assembled on the desk

4) SALES: Please log sales in the white binder.  Find today’s date and put tally marks as you sell trees from each category.  It is customary to leave all tips in the cashbox for PASE – every penny counts towards our goal.  Please log them in the far right margin.  At the end of the day, put $ totals in each category.  Ideally, count the money with another person and log it in the binder.


5) TREES: Put trees trunk end first through the packagers; saw off the bottom of the trunk

6) WREATHS: 12” wreaths are $20 and 16” wreaths are $25.  Feel free to hang them from the tree and the ends of the tree racks facing the path for better visibility.  Decorations are included in the price of the wreath.

7) HAVE FUN:  This should be #1, but please remember to be safe.  You may light the barrel but please extinguish the fire before leaving.

8) VOLUNTEER HOURS: adults will receive hours towards their family commitment (5/10 per family and 1 shift at the tree sale).  If more than one adult family member works the tree sale, each member will get his/her number of hours worked.  If children in grades 7 or above wish to work the tree sale for Confirmation hours, they must be accompanied by an adult.  The child’s hours will be credited to the child – not to the family – and will not suffice to cover the family’s obligation.  Example: two adults and one child in one family work one shift: the family will receive 6 volunteer hours (which satisfy the tree sale obligation) and the child will receive 3 hours.  The family may still need to work another 4 hours to satisfy the 10 hours per family.

If Mr. X brings his child XX and a friend, child YY, the X family will get 3 volunteer hours, satisfy their Tree Sale commitment and his child XX will receive 3 hours towards community service/Confirmation.  Child YY will receive hours towards community service but Family Y WILL NOT HAVE SATISFIED THE TREE SALE COMMITMENT. 

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